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Fifteen years ago, Prof. Mark Bachman spent years developing and designing micro-devices at the University of California Irvine, using MEMS semiconductor technology. "Semiconductor manufacturing (thin-film processing) is great for building very small electronic structures, such as transistors, but it is limited in the kinds of 3D mechanical devices one can build. It utilizes a very limited suite of fabrication processes, uses a very narrow set of materials, and produces very thin devices. They are not truly 3D.", explains Bachman. 
Dr. Bachman was frustrated, he could not make many of the products requested by industry: 3D micro-devices that used specialty materials and complex assemblies, for applications such as biomedical implants and industrial sensing.
For 15 years, leveraging over $20 Million of funding from government and commercial grants, Prof. Bachman led a research effort developing a new form of micro-manufacturing, one that could surpass the barriers of semiconductor fabrication, removing the design limitations that the MEMS industry was facing.
Mark's team at UCI successfully developed a new form of micro-manufacturing - Amalga™
Using this new paradigm, Professor Bachman and his team were able to demonstrate dozens of different types of highly functional, complex, 3D micro-devices that can not be produced by semiconductor-style processing, nor by precision manufacturing alone.
In 2014, the fundamental patent representing this manufacturing technology was awarded to UCI. Upon issuance of this patent, Professor Bachman teamed with two experienced technology business professionals, Paul Dhillon and James Spoto, who had been following this research over the years. As a result, Integra Devices was formed with the vision to transform the micro-device industry, delivering new miniaturized products that could not be produced before.
Today, Integra Devices is able to design and manufacture a plethora of sophisticated microscopic products for a variety of markets in high volume at low cost. Integra is starting by producing small mm-wave devices for 5G applications, and zero-power micro-sensors for Internet of Things applications.
Integra's vision is to be a leading producer of high value miniaturized industrial components for multiple industries.


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Integra Devices

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Paul Dhillon, CEO​

  • 30 years of executive and technical experience in Sensors, Aerospace, Test & Measurement Industries

  • Held executive positions at Marconi, Racal  (EADS), Milcom (Powerwave), VTI Instruments, Ametek

  • Co-founder, and  CEO of  VTI Instruments

  • Co-founder of  LXI standard: the largest instrumentation platform in use today

  • Experienced entrepreneur with strong M&A and operational experience

Mark Bachman, PhD, CTO

  • 20 years of experience in sensors and microelectronics R&D

  • Faculty at UC Irvine, EECS, BME, Advanced manufacturing

  • Co-founder of UC Irvine’s MEMS facilities

  • Successful track record for university commercialization

  • Leader in advanced MEMS technology

  • Primary inventor of key integrated microdevices & materials patents (20 patents issued and pending)

  • UC Evangelist for Internet of Things (IoT)

James Spoto, Chairman

  • 30 years of executive and technical experience in microelectronics industry

  • Held executive positions at Conexant, Rockwell, Harris and Cadence

  • Co-founder, CEO Sunrise Micro Devices  (SMD)

  • CEO of Applied Wave Research (AWR)

  • Experienced entrepreneur, two successful exits (SMD, AWR)


Spencer Chang 

Advanced Manufacturing 

With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from UCI, Spencer has designed, tested, and developed advanced micro devices for nearly a decade.  Spencer's expertise is developing hybrid manufacturing techniques that allow for greater system integration, larger materials selection, and overall device miniaturization for medical, industrial, and telecommunications applications. 

Phil Duncan, PhD

Biomedical Engineering

With a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering from UCI, Dr. Duncan has been developing innovative solutions to medical and industry challenges in academia, startups, and established companies for over 10 years.  He has successfully pioneered projects developing drug-eluting coronary stent systems, glucose sensors, point-of-care diagnostics and microfluidic reactor design.  His innovative work in microfluidics and biomedical engineering has resulted in publications in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) ​and other preeminent journals, as well as related patent

Jim Harvey

Mechanical and Materials Science Engineering

With a dual degree in materials and mechanical engineering from UCI, Jim focuses on the challenging micro-mechanical projects where material selection becomes critical to optimize performance. Jim also led the UCI Hyperloop team that ranked fifth in the world for the design and build category during the SpaceX hosted design competition. Jim proudly served in the US Navy for over 6 years and now enjoys a career in Engineering to promote peace through the prosperity engineering brings.

Rick Sturdivant, PhD


With 5 degrees in electrical and systems engineering,  Rick has 28 years experience developing RF and microwave solutions for military and commercial applications. Rick developed the world’s first radar Tile Array Module earning the Hughes Engineering Excellence Award. He is the holder of six U.S. patents (five more pending) and author of several books & over 25 technical articles. 

Sarkis Babikian, PhD

Electrical Engineering

With a Ph. D in Electrical Engineering from UCI, Dr. Babikian focuses on integrated microfluidics and passive, zero power sensors with applications in point-of- care diagnostics as well as in wearable and implantable healthcare devices.  Sarkis is the recipient of the ARCS Foundation award and the Broadcom Foundation Fellowship.  

Sourabh Dhillon

Business Development

With a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from USC and a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry from NYU, Sourabh heads the business development activities at Integra. Prior to joining Integra, Sourabh led British consultancy firm Timetric's Wealth and Finance product portfolio into the US as well as analysis and venture discovery for CSSDP Investments. Sourabh brings a market-driven product strategy to Integra.